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Alibaba Group - Tmall Global

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Tmall Global

Cross-Border eCommerce

The Alibaba Group’s Tmall Global online marketplace enables international companies to sell their branded products to consumers in China and Taiwan.

On Tmall.hk,  products can be offered and sold without an intermediary in China. In addition, as Tmall.hk has the privilege to bypass complicated inspections and import regulations, companies can save considerable time and money. Moreover, Tmall operates like a shopping mall where flagship stores can be opened.

Up to now, Tmall Global offers about 22.000 brands from 77 different countries and regions to about 700 million eShoppers in China.

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Requirements for Tmall Global

Tmall has the largest B2C sales market

Companies that want to take advantage of Tmall Global must meet following requirements:

  • be registered abroad
  • have a dealer network
  • proof of trademark and intellectual property
  • only sell 100% authentic goods

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