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What is Alipay?

With more than 1.2 billion users and more than 175 million transactions per day, Alipay is the most widespread mobile payment solution in China. Alipay sees itself not only as a pure payment app, but rather as a lifestyle app that combines payment with value-added services. If you want to reach Chinese customers, you should therefore offer mobile payment methods and additionally also market on the Alipay app.

Zeevan offers the implementation of Alipay Payment in Austria and develops carefully targeted marketing strategies within the Alipay ecosystem.

You can use the Alipay app to reach Chinese tourists directly during their trip by making use of the geolocation functions. Your store in the Alipay app can also be found via your storefront entry in the “City Page” Section. By offering coupons or promotions you can further increase the attractiveness of your shop. Additionally, you also have access to campaigns for merchants regularly organized by Alipay.

Using content and recommendation management by customers and influencers, we strategically place your content. So that potential customers can already find your business during their travel preparations.

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