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Chinese Tourists are used to Mobile Payment

Mobile Payment

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Via scan app or POS

As a partner of Wirecard, we offer Alipay’s various technical solutions that do not require opening an account in China. You want to benefit from the growing numbers of Chinese tourists and increase your sales?

With more than 1.2 billion active users and over 900 million transactions per day, Alipay is the most widely used mobile payment solution in China and other Asian countries. Alipay sees itself not only as a pure payment method but rather as a lifestyle app that combines payment with value-added services.

You can benefit from in-app ads via the Store-Finder to target your Chinese customers. This will increase the chances of spontaneous purchases from your retail store.

Start your eBusiness in China

WeChat Pay

Starting in 2019

As a Wirecard partner, we offer WeChat Pay solutions that do not require opening an account in China starting from the announced launch period. You want to benefit from the growing number of Chinese tourists and tap into new sales potential?

The app WeChat is no longer just an instant messaging service. With around 900 million active users per month, WeChat Pay is one of the leading mobile payment solutions among Chinese. Make use of all advantages to integrate the payment process into your own business:

  • No setup costs, no monthly fee
  • Average spending per Chinese tourist is about 3,000 euros
  • Payment via “Scan QR Code”
  • Payment via a public WeChat account

Start your eBusiness in China

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